Our story

Something different starts with one

One to change a few.

A few to change many.

Many to change the world.

It's universally known that we need to start taking better care of our planet and eating more plant-based meals is both an effective and delicious place to start. Set just a few roads back from Kingscliff beach, SOCO is an espresso bar serving plant-based eats - but you don't need to be a hardcore vegan to enjoy our food...

Every dish we serve is a product of creativity, designed to satisfy your stomach and soul with sustainably sourced ingredients. While we champion innovation we've also tried to keep it as simple as possible and add a little twist to meals you already love!

Embracing plant-power is a journey, and we're happy to help you along the way. But we should add while our food menu is mostly plant-based we still stock organic milk for those who aren't quite ready for dairy alternatives in their coffee.

Speaking of coffee, ours is provided by the lovely folks down in Byron Bay at Moonshine roastery. You can learn more about them here.

We look forward to seeing you at SOCO soon!

Clare & Steve

7/38 Ocean Avenue

Kingscliff, NSW 2487

Tel: 02 6608 5749

Eml: steve@soco.company

Open every day

Mon - Sun: 7am - 2pm

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